Dream Maker Realty (DMR) is a new brand of Real Estate Services. The company is now a brokerage firm like no other, with strategic partnerships and relationships with top builders and banks therefore resulting in greater returns and opportunities for buyers, sellers and investors on all purchases. "The Community Brokerage Firm"; helping the community and individuals gain wealth using Real Estate. We've helped individuals buy and sell properties across the GTA for over two decades.

Licensed Brokers

Our Firm was Founded by Isaac Sr. and Isaac Jr., 2 Real Estate Brokers. Over 20 years of combined experience in the Real Estate market. Currently over 50 employees.

Property Management Firm (Affiliation)

Currenlty manage over 200+ properties across the GTA. 

Service Area(s)

We serve all of Ontario

Giving Back

DMR gives back to the Community: % of Revenue goes towards a "Dream Maker Realty" Scholarship Program for students under financial aid attending University of Toronto.

Dream Maker Realty delivers three primary services:

( 1 )     Buying and Selling real estate for individuals 

           (Residential, Commercial, Land)

( 2 )     Wealth creation opportunities for individuals
( 3 )     Wealth creation opportunities for institutions

"A true professional of many facets, especially in the manner of conducting his business, great people skills and an effective communicator and most importantly an even better listener. He is an honest and trustworthy individual who not only works around the clock with great effort to get the job completed but surpasses the expectations of those who have worked with him."

Yonas Tewoldeberhan, Engineer in Training, Stantec Consulting Ltd

"“Worked with Isaac and his team on several projects and find Issac and his team very professional, hard working and innovative. They are also very attentive to their customers and served them very well.”"

Winson Chan, FRI, CRES, PLE, MBA, Regional Sales Manager, Tridel

"“In my association with Isaac as a businessman I find him to be a competent investor. He is adept at shifting market trends, cognizant of his clients’ needs and is able to intuitively educate and empower those he comes in contact with. Mr. Olowolafe is hard working and diligent, ensuring that all responsibilities given him are completed in a timely fashion. He leads a group of individuals with tenacity and motivation. He exhibits a deep sense of commitment towards advancement and believes in doing everything to the best of his ability. He will definitely help your organization thrive and excel through his sincerity and team-building approaches.”"

Norman Brown, M.Ed.

"Dream Maker Realty really do make your dreams come true! I gave Isaac my dreams and he delivered - location & price! It was a pleasure working with Isaac - he is very professional, pays attention to detail and ensures that you are well informed on all key areas. I am looking forward to working further with Isaac and the Dream Fund Team on various projects. Thank you Isaac! I look forward to more amazing results from you and your team!"

Karlyn D Percil Senior Project Manager, Scotiabank. President - Bellemoun Community Youth Network I Chair of the BBPA Harry Jerome AwardsI Founder & Owner, Bellemoun & my beauty bank